The CREA Team

CREA Mont-Blanc is managed by a Board of Directors made up of independent personalities from a variety of backgrounds. It is run on a day-to-day basis by a salaried team of science and mountain enthusiasts with varied backgrounds.

Anne Delestrade


Colin Van Reeth

Chargé de projets sciences participatives

Célia Bonnet-Ligeon

Responsable de la production et de la valorisation

Charlotte Roux

Chargée de mission

Anaïs Ramet

Chargée de mission sciences participatives

Jérémy Froidevaux

Chargé de recherche

Benjamin Guislain


Laura Touzot

Chargée de recherche HerbiLand

The CREA Ecosystem

The CREA Mont-Blanc relies on external skills and one-off or long-term collaborations, through the life of its projects. We can count on a large community of volunteers: thank you all!

Irene Alvarez

Interventions et formations

Julie Gavillet

Services administratifs

Mathieu Roudaut

Consultant Devoteam-Revolve

Geoffrey Klein

Spécialiste données climatiques

Marjorie Bison

Ecologue Dryas statistics

Alain Debourg

Maintenance des stations de température

Gérard Cordier

Maintenance des stations de température