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A major asset for the region, this future Open-Based Science hub dedicated to mountain ecology will enable CREA Mont-Blanc to develop its research activities and become a key venue for exchanges and awareness-raising for all its audiences.


Esquisse du nouvel Observatoire

Landscape integration of the new Observatory. - CC BY 4.0 Ateliers 17C




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Project goals


Vue de l'Obs

The Mont Blanc Observatory today

  • Document the acceleration of climate change to inspire decision-makers on issues of territorial transformation by conducting, in a dedicated location, a growing number of studies on the evolution of landscapes and ecosystems

  • Train the professional world in current developments, adapt practices and take advantage of emerging opportunities, by becoming a basecamp for companies, mountain professionals and students.

  • Contribute to the development of scientific tourism in the Chamonix Valley as an innovative and resilient form of tourism, by becoming a meeting place for researchers and visitors, with a range of services available independently or under the supervision of CREA Mont-Blanc.

  • Involve the general public (tourists and locals, including the younger generation) in monitoring changes in nature, by developing participatory science that is accessible to all and useful to the region, in particular by showing current and future volunteers our protocols in a place open to all.

Future Obs Mont-Blanc

A new facility on an emblematic scientific site

In 2024

  • THE OBSERVATORY (CHALET VALLOT): Renovated, the chalet will offer a large working and meeting space - meeting rooms, transit offices - for numerous professionals - public and private decision-makers, employees, researchers, teachers, students - who will meet there for scientific stays and training courses.

  • NEW LABORATORY : The result of exemplary design and execution in the face of energy and climate challenges, this new facility will house the research activities of the CREA Mont-Blanc team and accommodate the researchers with whom it collaborates on projects.

  • THE SCIENTIFIC AND EDUCATIONAL GARDEN : This space will inform companies, mountain professionals and the general public about mountain ecology and the citizen science approach. Exhibits, scientific instruments used by CREA Mont-Blanc teams and participatory science protocols for testing will be on display.

A unique approach


  • A desire to confirm its roots in the region and to be part of a synergy with other community projects in the Chamonix Valley.

  • A heritage initiative to showcase the Chalet Vallot and the region’s scientific heritage

  • A collaborative approach CREA Mont-Blanc’s trademark, in the design and realization of the project

  • Environmental excellence guided by the values of frugality and eco-design




The transformation of the Mont-Blanc Observatory is part of the TourScience Plus project, financed by European ERDF-Alcotra funds under the 2014-2020 programming. TourScience Plus aims to develop and strengthen an innovative and sustainable tourism offer (eco-tourism) based on scientific observation to enhance the natural heritage around Mont-Blanc and in the Aosta Valley. More information on the project page

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